A brief chat with GRS Masonry Inc’s Owner and President Mansfield Gibbs.

Where did you study civil engineering?
NYU Polytechnic.

When did you first start doing construction work?

How long long have been in business?
Almost 11 years as of 2017.

Why do you love construction?
It’s in my blood.

What kinds of projects do you enjoy most?
I enjoy projects involving brick. Buildings with brick finish always look totally complete.

How do you feel once you’ve finished a project?
I feel like I’ve lifted a 10,000 pound gorilla into the sky.

What are your thoughts on the construction industry in New York?
Construction in New York is great, could be better. The problem with the industry is the lack of great workers.

Where do you see GRS Masonry Inc in 5-10 years?
Our goal is to become the largest builder, developer, and construction management company in the city.